Men's Event Kilts Guide

Men's Event Kilts Guide

With the wedding season coming, you're probably still working on your big day's details. Or perhaps you are a guest at an upcoming event and are still unsure about what type of men's formal wear would fit for the occasion.

Don't be bothered! This article will be equally beneficial to you. Here's a very convenient guide where you'll find everything you need to make an accurate kilt attire purchase for any occasion.

The Irish Kilt: A Medieval Gaelic Clothing

Before we go any further, let's look at what an Irish kilt is and how it started.

The kilt originated in medieval Scotland and Ireland when clans wore specific skirts—an item of clothing consisting a 5-meter woollen material wrapped up and belted all around the waist. This type of clothing is called a kilt. A full-length kilt has an upper half that can be worn as a cloak or a hood. Back then, each kilt represented a distinct clan (tartan) and considered as a mark of recognition. Wearing this garment was seen as a real commitment to manhood as no ladies wore kilts back then.

The feileadh mor or kilt was altered during the 16th century. Less than half of the top was removed, leaving a skirt and a belt, and it is renamed today as a Small Kilt.

Is It Better to Rent or Purchase a Formal Wear Kilt Attire?

The first consideration is whether to rent or purchase a men's formal wear. We usually recommend buying your attire if you have a few occasions coming up in the following couple of years. The most significant benefit of purchasing rather than renting several times throughout the year is the cost. Renting multiple times might result to spending more money than buying an outfit. 

Another benefit is that kilt garments last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. Indeed, without a doubt, it is a long-term investment.

Check for online stores like O'Neil of Dublin, which offers a variety of kilts at low prices. The O'Neil of Dublin’s trademark is excellent traditional tartan kilts. Our collection offers a wide range of styles, flexibility, and a dedication to customer service in supplying high-quality items at affordable costs.

Which Tartan Should Be Used for Your Men's Kilt?

The tartan design used on a kilt is called a sett. It refers to the weave pattern, thread count, weight, and color scheme. Even if most setts are not patented and do not have any legal restrictions on who may wear them, most of them are assigned to a clan. This means that there are social standards on who can wear them. If you don't know your clan's tartan, try searching online to trace your ancestry. Enter your surname to discover which clan you belong to and find the perfect tartan sett to use on your kilts. 

If you have no direct links to any clans, there are still a handful of Irish kilts globally, such as Black Watch and Caledonian.

We provide a large selection of men's and women's tartans. Our kilts are 100% flexible, Worsted Wool, low weight, and easily adjustable. Whatever the occasion is, either formal or casual wear, we have a kilt that is suitable for you!

The Different Components of a Men's Kilt

  • Apron - It is the unpleated piece in front of the kilt that overlaps.
  • Pleat - It is a fold-in fabric that is sewn over itself. The rear of most kilts is made up of pleats.
  • Small Kilt - This garment covers the lower part of the body, from the waist down to the knees. It is the most well-known kilt for males.
  • Stunning kilt - It's a full-length kilt for males that may drape around the upper torso.
  • Kilt Straps - These fasten the kilt via buckles on the side.
  • Kilt Pin - It is a stylish piece placed on the apron's front covering but not binding the flap closed.
  • Sporran - A traditional skin pouch hung at the front of men's Irish kilts with the fur. Today, there are more fashionable leather purses offered in the market.

How to Wear a Traditional Kilt for Weddings or Formal Events?

A kilt is a versatile apparel wearable for any event. You can use it for dance programs, casual celebrations, or even at weddings! 

How to wear it? Grooms may wear a complete formal kilt suit during traditional Irish weddings. The groom will probably use a Brian Boru jacket (named after an Irish warrior king), a white tuxedo shirt with bow, knee socks with tartan-colored ribbons, a Sporran with shamrock trimming, and Ghillie Brogue shoes.

Don't forget the right accessories for kilts for men when getting ready for a formal event. Kilts for men are matched with a coat, waistcoat, necktie, shirt, and hose (knee socks). You may include a tiny ceremonial dagger with only the blade showing for a more authentic look. It is worn partly hidden in the hose called sgian dubh. The little tartan pieces connected to the hose are another alternative and must be worn to complement the tartan of your kilt, known as Sock flashes.

The Best Way to Wear a Kilt - Not too low

Whether you favor the traditional kilt or the more contemporary kilts for men, you must ensure that you are wearing it correctly. The first step is to double-check that you're putting it high enough. The kilt's waistline should be as high as the belly button, and no shirt must be seen between the waistcoat and the kilt. Position the kilt so that the centerline length fits with your waistcoat buttons. You'll also want to ensure that the kilt is at the exact length. Kilts that are too short or too long might appear feminine, so yours should end at the knee. According to an old military practice, it should barely touch the ground when you bend.

The only accurate way to determine the proper length is to have it measured by someone else. Finally, ensure that the kilt is worn with the pleats in the back.

The Takeaway

There are some things to remember about checking the quality when buying a kilt. The first thing to check for is the production procedure. 

A handcrafted kilt from a reputable vendor would be of the most excellent quality. A handcrafted kilt will bend better and drape more flatteringly across the body, especially for thinner guys or those with high hip lengths.

A handmade kilt also has a level of quality that a machine-made kilt cannot equal. However, note that craftsmanship comes at a premium price.

We recommend going directly to suppliers and purchasing a whole kilt outfit from a reputable kilt shop. When looking for the proper kilt, go for a shop that has produced quality kilts for many years. 

Since 1956, O'Neil of Dublin has been manufacturing clothes in Copper Alley, the historic district of Dublin's Old City. Copper Alley, which originates from the 16th century, was inhabited mainly by tailors who produced high-quality apparel for Dublin's elite. 

O'Neil of Dublin carries on the great heritage of making high-quality clothing and distributing goods worldwide. Our elegant kilt is closed with broad natural leather belts, features beautiful belt loops in the back, and is fastened with the appropriate kilt pin. Wear this man's kilt in any event with elegance. Shop Now!

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