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What Our Customers Have To Say

What Our Customers Have To Say


  • "Our mum has worn O'Neil of Dublin kilts pretty much since I can remember. Once we found out about the webshop we ordered one for our mum's birthday and she was super happy when it arrived. In fact, she liked it so much that after mere months, she asked us to order another. Their customer service we found to be outstanding - always going out of their way." Matija (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • "It has been my pleasure and privilege to have purchased over 20 men's kilts from O'Neil of Dublin over the years, both for myself and others. I say privilege because the craftsmanship and attention to detail are as fine as any I have seen from any hand tailor in the world. I not only come back to O'Neil of Dublin for the quality of their goods, but for the superior service that they have always afforded me as well. Both in terms of the customer satisfaction and timely delivery they provide." Greg (New Hampshire, USA)
  • "Sophisticated. Stylish. Quality. Warm. Timeless." Bernadette (Cork, Ireland) 
  • "Attention to detail and customer service were excellent. Always quick feedback and there to help." Angelika (Freiburg, Germany)
  • "Best kilts in the world!!! Couldn't find a nicer staff if you tried. I love my kilts and they look just as good as the day I got them. Don't hesitate giving these guys business. Will be returning for more clothing in the future. Thanks so much guys for all your hard work." Kyler (Kansas, USA)
  • “Arrived in record time! It took 46 hours from Dublin to a remote village in the mountains of Spain. Thank you” Christine (Rasquera, Spain)

  • "Your customer service was excellent. I will continue to buy kilts for my granddaughter from O'Neil.  The quality and now the service is impeccableThank you again." Deborah (Annapolis, USA)

  • "Yesterday I received the Black Watch midi kilt. The size 12 is perfect and the kilt is truly enchanting. I am completely satisfied. Thank you very much for your help." Laura (Brescia, Italy)

  • “Great products and very very great after sale and customer service!” Cécile (Granges Narboz, France)