Spring / Summer 2022 Men's Kilts

Spring / Summer 2022 Men's Kilts

Men's kilts are a fantastic way to draw attention to your outfit and allow you to stand out from the crowd based on the impact you want to achieve, the style you're aiming for, and the event you're attending. Wear the kilt confidently and with your own style, dress it up for formal wear with the right accessories or put your own stamp on it to wear your kilt as a casual, smart and trendy style. 

Whenever you wear it, feel confident about yourself and be proud of your kilt as a vital part of your wardrobe. Wear your kilt with confidence and with a smile, ultimately consider the way you think about yourself, the way you wear your kilt, how you stand, and, of course, how you smile in it. Wearing your kilt with a big smile will ensure you feel fantastic about yourself, happy and cool!

O'Neil of Dublin provides 100 % Worsted Wool kilts that are adaptable, lightweight, and easily adjustable for men. This elegant kilt is closed with broad natural leather belts and features beautiful drawstrings in the back, with the required kilt pin finishing. Flaunt these men's kilts in elegance for any formal or informal event!

Dress Gordon Gents Kilt (Regular price €294.95)

We provide a 100% Worsted Wool kilt for men that is multifunctional, lightweight, and readily adjustable. This elegant kilt is closed with broad natural leather belts and features beautiful straps in the back with the required kilt pin. Dress this man's kilt in elegance for any occasion, formally and informally!

Kilt for Gents by Royal Stewart (regular price €294.95)

Our 100% Worsted Wool kilt for men is lightweight and easy to adjust. In addition to the large natural leather belts used to close the kilt, it has stylish belt loops at the back and a kilt pin for accessorizing. Whether you're wearing a kilt for a dress or casual wear, you'll look great in this men's kilt!

Gent's black kilt by Black Stewart (regular price €294.95)

A lightweight, easily adjustable, and versatile kilt designed for men in 100% Worsted Wool. This stunning kilt fastens to the waist with large natural leather belts and features stylish belt loops at the back. It comes with the requisite kilt pin for accessorizing. Dress up or down in this kilt, no matter the occasion!

How to wear a kilt casually?

The kilt, which originated in Scotland, still carries the impression that it is only for formal occasions, like weddings. But kilts are regularly worn at football or rugby matches with an Irish jersey and a pair of boots.

At O'Neil of Dublin, we believe there is never a wrong moment to wear your kilt. We love tradition, but we don't subscribe to hard and fast rules. We advise going for it if it's comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself. Every man's style is unique, but here are some general guidelines for wearing a kilt in a casual setting.

Where Should You Wear Your Kilt?

In our opinion, kilts are appropriate for almost any occasion. These are useful for situations where you need a bit more mobility, such as hiking or other out-door activity. Kilt-wearing men may be seen on the streets, at bars, or even at work in Ireland and elsewhere. Our readers have told us about truck drivers and college professors who wear kilts regularly, so kilts can be worn for any occasion!

We suggest it may be worn by anybody except mountaineers and firefighters since, after all, the greater the view, the higher you climb! The most outstanding advice we can provide is to dress down the kilt and use it anywhere you'd wear a smart pair of jeans.

How To Wear Your Kilt Daily

The way you casually dress your kilt will depend primarily on the circumstance and the weather, just like any other attire. We urge you to express yourself via your unique style, but here are some styling tips.

The Kilt

Made-to-order kilts are ideal for casual wear, making them the ideal kilt for casual wearers. Invest in a tartan that can be worn all year round and in various colours.

Upper Body

Kilts look great with loose-fitting shirts or thick knit jumpers. Select a colour that complements your kilt's tartan for a genuinely elegant effect. Be careful not to use detailed pictures or patterns. Put the top of whatever you are wearing into a tuck for a relaxed yet polished look. Thick woolen socks worn loose with ankle boots are perfect for the casual look, or else go forward with knee socks and smart patent shoes!


Pair men's casual kilt attire with boots. Black leather boots are a terrific way to merge tradition with leisure. Choose a kilt house that matches the colours of your tartan or a couple of trekking socks, and tuck them into the tops of your boots for a hefty casual effect. Casual brogues, brogues, boat shoes, and suede are other styles we've seen done nicely.

The Accessories

Removing all or part of the sporran is the easiest way to tone down your kilt. Alternatively, you can opt for a more relaxed day sporran, like the Army-style leather sporran. In some cases, you may even do without a sporran at all. You can mix up your outfit's line with a kilt belt. A stunning belt buckle can add some individuality to your outfit. You might also consider a plain safety pin or a horn pin kilt pin without the frills.

Where to Buy a Kilt

For some, the dilemma isn't so much about how to dress a kilt as it is about where to get one. Since 1956, O'Neil of Dublin has a very proud tradition of producing quality kilts for men.

O'Neil of Dublin produces high-quality kilts that are distributed all over the world. The O'Neil of Dublin trademark has become synonymous with traditional tartan kilts, and thus the collection offers a wide range of styles, flexibility, and a dedication to customer service in supplying high-quality items at affordable costs.


Choosing the correct accessories and vibrant colours for your kilt accessories can make you stand out regardless of the occasion. If you are confident in your choice of kilt style, colour combination, and accessories, you will never stop looking cool and smart.

We hope we were able to assist you in selecting a kilt for your next event. Wearing one of these kilts will make you the centre of attention. Kilts from O'Neil of Dublin are one-of-a-kind, trendy and will make you stand out in the crowd in spring/summer. Free shipping is available internationally.

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